Printmaking at Kanvas: 21.08.18

For our first Kid’s Art Club at Kangus coffee house, Kirkcaldy, we wanted to get the young people making their own sketchbooks. Having a sketchbook is a fundamental part of artistic practice and a great way to start any group! We wanted to get the young people thinking about sketchbooks not as a place for finished work, but as a place where they can¬†experiment, develop ideas, and reflect on their work and themselves.

We needed the group to think about printmaking, pattern and repetition, and different ways we could create these. This was the first time we’d met this group, so we began with a communal activity. On a long sheet on brown wrapping paper I drew a small illustration of Kangus. We talked to the group about the idea of communicating their journey to Kangus today through printing using various objects, including foam board, potatos, carrots and lino, and had them do this standing together around the table. The result was a map of our seperate journey’s converging Kangus which was a great and dynamic start.

We printed the covers of our sketchbooks using various materials onto different colors of sugar paper. We then went through how to bind a simple book, and attached the front covers later once they were dry.

Finished Sketchbooks