Portfolio Making – 28.01.20

We kicked off our new block of Kangus Art clubs by making A3 collaged portfolios which would hold all of our art for the rest of the term.

To begin, we kicked off with a game to help the class get to know each other and to get rid of any excess nerves. Hanging the word ‘love’ on one side of the room and ‘hate’ on the other, Abi then read out words, asking each kid to decide what side of the room to stand on based on their likes and dislikes. Whilst ‘Cats’, ‘School’ and ‘The Queen’ got mixed results, ‘Donald Trump’ found all the children run screaming to the far side of the room, as close to ‘hate’ as possible.

We then gave examples of the portfolios we were making today and each young artist made two A3 cardboard panels, covered in sugar paper. Once these were finished we got into the design. We looked at Matisse’s collages for inspiration and encouraged each artist to draw from their own likes to create a design unique to them.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to complete these collages- but each one is really taking shape and next week we plan to find some time to finish these off!