Sliding Scale Prices

We think art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income.  Because of this, we operate most workshops and classes on a sliding scale. This means that you help us make sure nobody misses out on fantastic art classes.

Each workshop we run will have a range of three different prices which you are free to choose from. If you’ve never used a pay-what-you-can scale it can be confusing to know what price is best for you and that’s why we’ve borrowed these useful bulletpoints from the Scottish Queer International Film Festival, who also offer sliding scale prices.

Free:  All of our workshops have a small number of free places (even if not advertised as such). We will not ask you to pay if you feel the below best describes you. No proof needed. These spaces are limited and need to be booked by email (

  • I am unable to meet my basic needs*; I am receiving ESA/JSA/
    UC, DLA/PIP, or working tax credits, am unemployed or on low
    income. I use foodbanks.
  • I have no or very limited expendable income** and walk because I can’t afford public transport.
  • I rarely buy new items because I am unable to afford them.
  • I don’t have holidays

Lowest tier: We will ask you pay the minimum amount needed to cover the materials cost for the workshop if you feel the below best describes you. This amount is the lowest amount priced for a workshop.

  • I am employed but stress about meeting my basic needs,
    although I still achieve them.
  • I may have some debt but it does not stop me meeting my
    basic needs.
  • I can afford public transport and taxis. If I have a car/access to
    a car I can afford petrol.
  • I have access to financial savings or some expendable income.
  • I shop new and second-hand.

Medium and High tier: If the below best describes you, then we’d suggest paying either the medium amount or the higher amount priced for a workshop. The medium price allows us to cover materials and pay ourselves a wage. The higher amount covers materials, pays us a wage and helps to subsidise a place for someone less fortunate.

  • I am comfortably able to meet all of my basic needs, have
    savings and an expendable income.
  • I may have some debt but it doesn’t stop me meeting basic
  • I own my home or property or I rent a higher-end property.
  • I can afford public and private transport. If I have a car/access to a car I can afford petrol

*BASIC NEEDS include food, housing, clothing, and transportation. **EXPENDABLE INCOME might mean you are able to buy coffee or tea at a shop, go to the cinema or a concert, buy new clothes, books and similar items each month, etc.

This system only works if everyone is honest about their financial situation. We appreciate your support with this!